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The intention of Mamas' Voices is to develop an approach to using voices with parents to promote the benefits of singing practices for health and wellbeing in pregnancy, birth and parenthood.


The Mamas' Voices groups are free, weekly meet-ups open to parents of any stage. Older siblings are welcome.

It doesn't matter if you can sing or not, a mother's voice is the most beautiful sounds in the world for her baby.


Singing in pregnancy can serve to cultivate the sometimes dormant instincts within women that are needed for birth and mothering as well as providing a powerful tool to help regulate turbulent emotions.

Singing with others in a group brings an element of community support and celebration of this special time in a woman's life. You will get a warm welcome from Mamas' Voices and be amongst friends.

Relaxing and learning to minimise stress is an ongoing life skill for pregnancy and parenthood. In today's fast pace of life and the invasive impact of our online presence Mamas' Voices teaches mindfulness through singing. This allows you to connect with your baby and truly be in the moment with them.

Teaching parents songs and giving them the confidence to use their voices helps with infant development as well as bonding. 


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